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Station Profile

Mapúa Radio Cardinal is the official campus radio station of Mapúa University. We started our operations in July 2016 and officially started airing in May 2017, the organization is committed to endorsing the technological aspect of the university and aims to unite Mapúans in the field of radio broadcasting.


Mapúa Radio Cardinal is known for its variety of radio programming. We feature a roster of radio talents that practice overall broadcasting excellence. Lastly, as a campus radio station, we are dedicated in providing entertaining radio shows as well as featuring the latest hits and your all-time favorites.

Radio Programming

Our radio programming consists of different topics of interest, which are developed by our radio talents and program producers. We have developed our shows to cater the community we represent. Thus, Mapúa Radio Cardinal lives up to the standard of radio programming by finding a balance between entertainment, news, information, and social involvement.

Activities and Services

Mapúa Radio Cardinal is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of its students' communicative and creative skills in the field of radio broadcasting. Our main focus is to promote Mapuan culture by showcasing the talents of our university's students and providing valuable news and informative coverage to our listeners.

In addition to our student-led programs and events, we also offer partnership opportunities for organizations seeking to increase their reach and exposure through radio. With our strong listener community and active social media presence, we provide a platform for organizations to promote their events and initiatives to a wider audience.

We also offer a range of services to support our mission, including:

1. On-air Broadcasting - Providing listeners high-quality entertainment and information through daily programs and live events.
2. Event Partnerships - Working with organizations to promote their events and initiatives.
3. Social Media Management - Leveraging our strong online following to increase the reach and impact of our partners' initiatives.
4. Talent Development - Offering opportunities for our students to hone their communicative and creative skills in radio broadcasting.

Whether it's through our on-air programming, online presence, or event partnerships, Mapúa Radio Cardinal is committed to providing high-quality entertainment and information to our listeners while fostering the growth and development of our students in the field of radio broadcasting.

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