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2nd COVID-19 booster shot begins for immunocompromised patients

Department of Health (DOH) started distributing the second COVID-19 booster shot for immunocompromised patients in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Out of the target of 690,000 shots, DOH initiated immunizing the 7,000 to 13,000 individuals this week and let local government units expand the second cycle of booster shots.

These booster shots are administered at Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital, and Valenzuela Medical Center. In the following days, more vaccination sites will be available around Metro Manila.

The Food and Drug Administration allowed senior citizens, health workers, and immunocompromised individuals to receive the booster dose and suggested receiving it after three months of having the first dose.

Priority citizens are the immunocompromised individuals with immunodeficiency, active cancer, HIV and are transplant recipients, bedridden, steroid treatment recipients.

In Asia, the Philippines is joining the increasing number of countries distributing their fourth vaccine shot.

As of now, only 12,000,000 Filipinos received booster shots over the recorded 66,000,000 fully vaccinated ones, and only 61% of the country’s population have received their first dose of vaccine against COVID-19.

The rollout is still a part of increasing the protection of the citizens from any variants and future virus surges.

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