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Alexa Ilacad shares her emotions in her new single, Paano

Alexa Ilacad, a Filipina actress and former Pinoy Big Brother celebrity housemate, has returned to the music industry.

The 21-year-old singer recently released her new track, “Paano,” under the Off the Record label. Alexa went live on her Kumu page at 10 p.m. last January 21 for the song's midnight release party.

According to the label, the song is described as "a heartache anthem where Alexa lays down all the questions inside her heart and thoughts," according to the label. Alexa wrote it in collaboration with Eunice Jorge of Gracenote.

Alexa Ilacad wrote Paano in one sitting in the car while raining. Alexa poured out all her sentiments and the questions going through her mind after being surprised by the person she trusted the most, just like the rain outside.

“Where did it all go wrong? Was any of it real? What did I do wrong? ” These are just a few of the questions Alexa has asked herself but has never received an answer to.

“I wrote Paano because I had no other way and place to channel my emotions. I kept it with me for so long until I was ready to share my pain.” Alexa explained. Eunice Jorge, her best friend and Gracenote's lead vocalist was then enlisted to assist her in transforming her pain into the lovely song that it is today.

Alexa Ilacad has undoubtedly progressed since writing the song nearly six years ago. As a result, when it came time to return the track for its current releases, she used her acting abilities. “It’s like acting like I had to be in character. I had to internalize the song so that I could give the emotions, and it could be heard through my voice. So, of course, I had to visit those days when I was heartbroken. And I revisited the memories that led me to write to Paano. And then I hope that’s what people hear when they hear the song.”

If you've been following Alexa's musical career recently, you'll know that her music has primarily consisted of catchy pop tracks and high-pitched vocals about love. “Love At First Sight,” and “Stay Right Here,” her most recent singles, are proof of that. On the other hand, Paano is distinct in both sound and tone. Her first Tagalog single since signing with her new record company, Off The Record, is the pop ballad. It's also a little less peppy and bubbly than her previous hits, as she asks a series of questions about the breakup and how she felt about it.

As a result, Alexa believes that her listeners will experience a rollercoaster of emotions when they listen to the song. More importantly, the song depicts Alexa's relationship with her fans. “I know my fans have followed my journey. And they know what this song is about. So, I just want to share my story. And I know that they will appreciate it, and I hope that they feel my side of the story.”

"Paano," Alexa Ilacad's new pop ballad single, is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital streaming platforms.


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