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Art of Bodybending brings Kundiman and the Blues with new single “Please”

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Art of Bodybending (AoB) took a different spin from her ethereal vibe in her new song, “Please,” which showcases her roots that pay homage to Filipino music.

AoB collaborated with producer Angelo Garcia, pianist Chuck Joson, and saxophonist Dix Lucero for her new single. Moreover, the music video was self-produced and self-directed.

According to AoB, “Please” was inspired by the kundiman “Pakiusap,” “a song about showing all your cards to someone you love, asking them to pity your aching heart,” she explained. The song's composition has one verse and two choruses, which she then used for Please.

Based on the multidisciplinary artist, “I knew the accompaniment had to be blues, with a gospel choir. I wanted a sax and piano solo on the track, with a showdown between both instruments towards the end.”

Moreover, she added that Please is a feminist song that she wrote for all Filipinas to celebrate their sensuality that is often scandalized. AoB emphasized that “the passion of the Filipina deserves to bloom in all its glory."

She stated that Please was created during the pandemic, and it would not be born without the lockdown. “Producing this song with all the lockdown restrictions really changed how I saw things. I no longer let people tell me what to do about my music now that I was forced to take the tasks I usually trusted others with into my own hands,” she expressed.

AoB then highlighted that the song is about “reclaiming my power and doing as I please.”

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