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Between Me and You: It’s You by Milissa Grande Review

Tucked in a white and comfortable blanket while playing the shadows made from the ceiling lights. Day after day, the time passes as if there will be a second where the sky will turn red. Longing for the physical intimacy of lovers that is expected, but only the piano keys fill the gaps and calm the soul. The Pop genre matches the lyrics that create a melodious song by Milissa Grande entitled, “It’s You.”

The beat and the words are planned perfectly to come up with a debut single. The 23-year-old singer and composer, Ma. Anna Milissa Bautista Grande created a name when she won the Miss Philippines-Canada Queen 2018 title. Aside from owning several crowns in the field of pageantry, Grande possesses a golden voice. She once let the people hear her talent in singing when she joined as a contender in “Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 4” of a Philippine noontime show, “It’s Showtime.” She also showed her personality through her Youtube Channel, where she creates vlogs in the most authentic way possible which her subscribers like.

A living princess— beautiful face, an admirable trait, and pleasant voice that is Milissa also has a real-life prince, but the challenge of being in a long-distance relationship is what motivated Milissa to go forth with this prompt for the song. Her debut single is genuinely made from her experiences and emotions. She mentioned that soft Pop is her favorite genre in one of her vlogs.

Click pause and play. Are you ready?
Hold up the wifi's unsteady.
It's a routine we didn't choose,
But with you, it's a win, not a lose

As the lines from the song play, the rain cannot stop from falling. The pain of missing someone you love is caged in the bedroom where you constantly wait. The wish of leaning on their shoulders stays in your imagination. “It’s You” is not a heartbreak or moving-on song. It is about giving and receiving love, but the distance is what makes it hard.

The record of more than 200,00 views on YouTube is an achievement for a debut single. The milestone is hard-earned from the effort of doing collaborations to compose the song. Its rhythm chose to land a safe spot in the music industry. It did not take the risk to do something experimental to check if the tune would attract people's ears. Milissa is a newborn in the music industry. The voice that the song gives is the pure and raw sound coming out from her vocal cords. Her style does not include several distinctive adlibs and other types of art of execution.

On the other hand, the lyrics get approval. It is relatable, and it seems that the hands do the job skillfully in scribbling what is in the head. The first single that is originally written, “It’s You” deserves a round of applause. The song's theme is relatable to most romantic couples who do not have a frequent chance to hold hands and be intimate because of the safety and health protocols. The song appreciation depends on the music taste, but the listener’s exposure to the song's setting played a huge factor. Some might say that the song did not severely impact their emotions, while some who have experienced being far from their loved ones will say it hit the heart.

I just wanna hear you say name.
Love from afar is not a game.
If it meant I’d spend a day with you,
I’d want a million years or two.

Compared to the top hit songs with the same topic, “It’s You” is in the middle-ranking considering the lyrics, tune, and vocals. “Jet Lag” by Simple Plan, “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton, and “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth are familiar songs to hear on the radio. These are all Pop genres holding the same theme. The debut single lacks the engaging tempo element, unlike in “Jet Lag” and “A Thousand Miles” which make the listener feel lively. However, it has the same charisma as how “One Call Away” carries itself to the spotlight because they hold the same vibe and warmth. Overall, the song is deficient in uniqueness to make people remember. Still, it can make you get stuck in your routine because it will keep playing in your head.

The last song syndrome attacked while waiting for the special someone to virtually connect to you. Despite the time zone and the season, the patience of wanting to express the love embraces together the white and comfortable blanket. The ceiling lights are blinding the eyes for long hours of staring, but it is enduring. The humming of the 10 seconds introduction of the song makes it less dull. After the 3 minutes and 40 seconds of cherishing the masterpiece, it is suitable for an 8/10 rating. The new gem in the industry cannot stay between you and me. Now, sing the last lines…

Oh it's me and you.
Out of my reach,
Out of my hold,
Nothing about it seems controlled.

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