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Can't Stop Listening to Intoxicated Remix

Grab your best party dress and ready yourself again to see neon lights and hyper dance moves because Nadine Lustre collaborates with Arthur Tan to bring back 2020 with a better groove.

Intoxicated is the fourth on the tracklist of the multi-talented artist's Wildest Dreams album with her label, Careless Music. It was released last October 31. On the other hand, Arthur Tan is a DJ and a producer of electronic and dance music, which brought him to establish the After the Noon music label. The blend of Nadine's and Arthur's talents and their passion for music started when the two record companies, After the Noon and Careless Music, decided to collaborate on a remix project.

Originally, Intoxicated gives a lively vibe. It is a type of music that stimulates your body to make you feel excited and uncontrolled. The song's setting brought you to a loud place surrounded by tables and chairs with people holding a glass of wine or beer. Listening to Intoxicated can make you feel intoxicated.

The new version mixes the intoxicated and conscious feeling because the song wakes you and pushes your body to move. The remix gives the song a new face. At first, it cannot be recognized as a modified version because some parts of the lyrics are only retained and repeated throughout the song. The uniqueness of the voice of Nadine Lustre is also adjusted to match the aura of the song. It somehow eliminates the identity of the original, yet it gives justice through a new approach in the track.

The full remix is parted with several atmospheres. The partition is according to the specific verse that is used in creating the beats. The progression of the song is from slow to fast. It is like sweating from working out or being full from eating lunch. The song's introduction is simple, but as the music plays, the energy it provides is as high as being high. It is the year 2021, but it brings the listeners to retro scenery. Ready, not your Tiktok dance choreographies, but maybe "The Hustle" steps because they might suit in the remix.

Overall, the song has an impact. It is not just another song that will trend on a single day and be forgotten forever. A few days after its release, expect yourself to hear the remix on the road, at the mall, or even in the bedroom next to yours. The song's tune will cling to your mind for an unknown number of days because the song will be on repeat.

Rating: 8.5/10

"I don't really want to stop."


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