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China: doctors update Delta variant, more severe

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Delta variant, formerly known as the Indian CoVid-19 variant, found to be divergent and more dangerous than the initial variant located in Wuhan, China.

Late March this year, the Indian variant was detected and caused an elevated alert in the United Kingdom for its rapid spread in the country, targeting the population once again. In the city of Guangzhou city, the same variant was known to be present.

According to recent updates from Guan Xiandong, director of critical care at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou city, approximately 12% of the patients diagnosed with the variant had been critically ill within three to four days of the start of symptoms.

Adjacent to this, infections brought by the Delta variant were observed in great percentages within the vaccinated population. This record challenges the efficacy of the vaccines manufactured and administered by China.

Additionally, doctors suggest that those who received only one of a two-dose vaccine are more at risk than those who had complete vaccination, given the increased chances of infection.

Reports from the Sun Yat-sen University reflect similarity with reports from Britain and Brazil, only that reports on the severity of the latter are not yet confirmed.

The World Health Organization referred to the Delta variant as one of the four “variants of concern” indicating the continuous challenge of the pandemic.


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