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Facebook to diversify its borders through ‘Sparked’

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Facebook eyes on promoting a quicker way of connecting people across borders and orientations through a kindness-driven app, ‘Sparked.’

With the continuous trend on borderless connection, current media technology such as Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook are challenged to maintain their position in the field. In response, Facebook has taken a step forward in boosting its instrumentality in bringing people closer to each other.

‘Sparked’ as explained, allows its users to have control over the people they wish to connect with. The application merely provides an opportunity for its users to come across other users. However, Facebook emphasizes that it is still the person’s own ruling whether he/she may connect with others as well.

With ‘Sparked,’ connections are encouraged to be more private and personal. Features such as profile pictures and direct messaging (DM) are not yet considered available in this application.

Facebook first disclosed ‘Sparked’ to selected US cities. This notion is considered by the social media network’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team, as the application is currently in its beta-testing stage.

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