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Crazy for Crazy by James Reid

“Trying to be something I'm not for you.”

After his hit singles “Soda” and “Hello,” James Reid releases his next single, “Crazy” which will definitely make you go crazy!

Crazy was released on Amazon Music first as an Amazon Original back on May 14, 2021. The song was featured on the Mixtape Asia playlist on the said streamer. Now, it’s available worldwide on all music platforms.

Crazy is a collaboration between James Reid, Gianni Taylor, and Sweater Beats, with Gianni Taylor having a writing credit and Sweater Beats having a production credit.

The track is very upbeat and lively. It will definitely make you dance at first listen. The lyrics are very deep and catchy. It’s the type of song you’re going to listen to at a party, road trip, or even just the background music of a video edit that you’re working on.

Despite its upbeat nature, the song depicts the pursuit of love. To pursue love is to act with purpose, to do things for the person you love. It may be to impress or just to be seen by the person you love. The persona sings about dying his hair and buying expensive Dior shoes just to get a notice or a message from his love interest. Loving for the sake of loving makes a person vulnerable. That’s the critical component of the song.

Crazy is definitely a bop! The energy radiated by the song is very high and consistent from beginning to end. It kind of gives me summer vibes. I also didn’t expect a groovy track to have a profound meaning. The lyrics and the beat are just stuck in my head for days now.

The song is very unique, especially to the Filipino music scene. James Reid and his label, Careless, continue to produce authentic and diverse music, and they never fail the listeners. The world really needs to know his name and his label Careless. Overall, I would rate this song a 10/10.

If you enjoyed listening to Crazy by James Reid, give Mandaue Nights a try:

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