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Ed Sheeran announces “The Joker And The Queen” collaboration with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is included in Ed Sheeran's new rendition of "The Joker And The Queen," which will be released on Friday (February 11), as the singer has provided a preview of the song ahead of its release. When Ed Sheeran first previewed "The Joker And The Queen" as his next single last year, there was anticipation that Taylor Swift might appear on an updated version of the song, and Ed Sheeran has offered a sneak peek at the new collaboration.

The collaboration was featured on LAD Bible’s Instagram Story. Sheeran joked that the release could be "exclusive" to LAD Bible. Taylor Swift's name was mentioned as a collaborator in the original song's lyric video last week, and new copyright was discovered on the original song's lyric video. There's no word yet on whether the remix will be released as a single or with a music video. An announcement will be made soon with more information.

It has been said that there were some clues about this collaboration on the music video “I Bet You Think About Me”. It was inevitable that the singers would collaborate after seeing two red lines in the wedding cake that resembled Ed Sheeran's signature "equals" sign, the queen in the "Joker and The Queen" artwork looked like a blonde woman, and the "Taylor Swift" patch on the back of his jacket in the "Overpass Graffiti" music video. After their past collaborations which were "Everything Has Changed (Taylor's Version)," "End Game (ft. Future)," and "Run (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)," which would be their fourth release together, this will be marked as their fourth collaboration.

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