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Exclusive Filipino Local Originals are set to be released by iQiyiin collaboration with ABS-CBN

iQiyi, the world's most popular pan-Asian streaming service, has signed a multi-title content contract with ABS-CBN, a renowned Philippine media and entertainment company, to produce Filipino original romantic series for its global subscribers.

The majority of people's attention is drawn to Netflix and Disney+ when they think about streaming services.

iQiyi is a streaming service that has recently caught the attention of a lot of people. Happiness, Jirisan, Unforgettable Love, and other popular K-Dramas have been available on the Asian-focused streaming service, with more to follow.

However, following a deal with ABS-CBN, the streaming service is shifting its focus to developing original Filipino content. This will be the first time the streaming service produces original Southeast Asian content.

These iQiyi originals, which Seth Fedelin, Andrea Brillantes, Gerald Anderson, Gigi De Lana, and other new-generation rising stars are set to star, look quite promising. Here are the shows to keep an eye on.


Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin led their fans on a roller-coaster of emotions in what appears to be their most mature series to date, as streaming service iQiyi published the official trailer of "Saying Goodbye" on Tuesday.

The teaser, which debuted during the much-anticipated series' media conference, begins lightheartedly, with Elise (Brillantes) and Ricky (Fedelin) squabbling over a Yeng Constantino CD in a music store. This encounter marks the beginning of Elise and Ricky's friendship, which leads to the formation of a Constantino fan group in Pampanga.

Ricky collapses in a meeting with other Yengsters, turning the beautiful scenes into a shocking twist. Ricky's condition notwithstanding, Elisse, a medical student, has already fallen in love with him.

"Pag puso na ang nakataya, goodbye na ba o laban pa?" the trailer asks the audience.”

"Saying Goodbye" is one of four new Filipino original romance series unveiled Tuesday by iQiyi and ABS-CBN.

On December 4 at 8 p.m., Brillantes and Fedelin's new production will premiere on iQiyi. Andy Abaya and Kobie Brown, both former "Project Runway" housemates, are also cast.


Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin's relationship has continued to flourish, with the duo scheduled to star in the musical series "Lyric and Beat," which will premiere on iQiyi in 2022.

This came after the official trailer for their highly anticipated series "Saying Goodbye," premiering on iQiyi on December 4.

The story takes place at the Philippine National Conservatory of Music, where the best and worst students compete for the chance to represent the school in the coveted National Music Competition.

Darren Espanto, AC Bonifacio, Nyoy Volante, Agot Isidro, Joanna Ampil, Sheena Belarmino, Jeremy Glinoga, and Angela Ken also join the cast.

Following the series "Saying Goodbye," premiering exclusively on and the iQiyi app on December 4, this musical performance will be SethDrea's second iQiyi project.


Gerald Anderson, one of the country's top leading men, and Gigi de Lana, the Philippines' hottest new-gen diva, star in the upcoming series Hello, Heart.

Heart, a beautiful, perky, and hardworking lady who is very unlucky in life, and Saul, an emotionless, business-as-usual person, is at the Heart and soul of this romantic comedy, which follows Heart. This beautiful, perky, and dynamic woman is very unlucky in life. In the scenario, he hires her to play the role of his wife to appease his dementia-stricken grandma. They discover that they are no longer pretending to be in love and that both have formed affections for one another as they get to know each other better.

Gigi De Lana will perform a cover of the series' official theme song, Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita, performed initially by Roselle Nava.

On December 15, a new episode of this Filipino original will premiere on iQiyi.

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