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Filipino-American Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo wins Billboard’s Woman of the Year Award

After earning Billboard's Woman of the Year award on Thursday (March 03, 2022), Olivia Rodrigo delivered an uplifting speech about songwriting. The young singer stated that she has been writing songs ever since she was young and she thought about how lucky she is every day to get to call “singing” her job.

She went on to say that music has helped her express herself properly, and she's grateful that many people can relate to her experiences. She also paid tribute to all of the female musicians that came before her and ensured that the music industry is a safe environment for women. She urged young women to keep making music and vowed that they are making the industry a more welcoming environment for them.

Olivia Rodrigo previously announced that she is now working on her second album, following the success of her triple-platinum debut album "SOUR." Her first three singles which were “driver’s license”, “deja vu”, and “good 4 u” became a hit as the three were very relatable songs for the fans that dedicated them to their exes. Rodrigo's debut album dealt with sadness and her childhood. She co-wrote the majority of the tracks with Daniel Nigro for the Geffen record label. She is also set to release Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U (A Sour Film) on Disney+ on March 25.

Watch the trailer here:


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