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Government reduces COVID-19 jab requirements, campaigns house-to-house vaccination

With a target to immunize at least 90 million Filipinos by June, the government simplified inoculation requirements and outlined a house-to-house vaccination.

Presidential representative Karlo Nograles announced that walk-ins are welcomed to vaccination sites, and registration for a slot is optional. Moreover, medical clearance is no longer required for persons without auto-immune disease, human immunodeficiency virus, cancer, and malignancy.

The health screening process before the injection is also shortened. Blood pressure monitoring is unnecessary unless the person has symptoms or a history of hypertension.

Furthermore, the house-to-house vaccination is pushed for senior citizens and the vulnerable patients residing outside Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, and Laguna. This plan aimed to visit and administer the vaccination to the persons who cannot go to the sites with the help of the local government units.

The government disallowed the unvaccinated Filipinos to use public transportation. President Duterte ordered barangay captains to request their unvaccinated constituents to stay put.

However, the Commission in Human Rights and other sectors showed their concern regarding the policy since it prohibits the people from exercising their rights.

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