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Here are some non-Sour Olivia Rodrigo songs that you should listen to right now

Ever since 2021, Olivia Rodrigo has become a victorious pop star of her generation. She is known for her singles, “drivers license,” “deja vu,” and “good 4 u.” Her “Sour” debut album was definitely one of the peaks of storytelling, and it has been number 1 in the Billboard charts since its release. Rodrigo won a myriad of awards here and there including “Billboard Woman of the Year.” She even portrayed notable roles in Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark and Disney Plus’ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (HSMTMTS) as Paige and Nina respectively.

This March 25, 2022, the Filipino-American singer-songwriter will release her documentary film, “driving home 2 u” on Disney Plus in order to share her insights in making her debut album while going on a road trip from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. The film also includes live performances of Sour tracks and an unreleased song.

Before we relive Sour on the 25th, here are some non-Sour Olivia Rodrigo songs that you should listen to right now.

All I Want

Olivia Rodrigo wrote and performed “All I Want” for her HSMTMTS role. The song was performed during the fourth episode of the first season wherein Nina expresses her boy problems. It was a low point for Nina since she found out that E.J. lied to her while she also recalls her past relationship with Ricky.



“Gross” is Olivia’s Instagram Original and one of her unreleased tracks. She wrote the song during quarantine. It’s about being in love and conveying teen infatuation. The singer first posted a snippet on her Instagram, and after a few weeks, she performed an extended version on Instagram Live.

The Rose Song

Similar to “All I Want,” “The Rose Song” is written and performed by Olivia Rodrigo for HSMTMTS. In the sixth episode of the second season of the series, Nina wrote the song after being cast as the Enchanted Rose for East High’s production of Beauty and the Beast. During the songwriting process depicted in the episode, Nina comes into an argument with Ricky about how they spend time together and also being confined and embracing her growth as a person. With the aid of her best friend Kourtney’s standpoint on love, Nina uses the point of view of the Rose in order to finish the song which made use of a lot of imagery and metaphor. It’s a heartbreak jam and at the same time a track that you need which allows you to know your value and break through the glass that you’re being confined in.


“Wondering” is a duet featuring Olivia Rodrigo and her HSMTMS co-star, Julia Lester which was performed in the second episode of the first season of the aforementioned series. It’s about that wondering feeling when you make your choices. In the context of their characters, Ashlyn (Julia Lester) was tasked to write a song from the point of view of Ms. Darbus for their production of High School Musical. Nina steps in and joins Ashlyn in performing the powerful ballad.

I Think I Kinda, You Know - Nini Version

Nini’s version of “I Think I Kinda, You Know” was performed by Olivia Rodrigo in the pilot episode of HSMTMTS. Nini wrote it as a surprise for her then-boyfriend, Ricky, on their first anniversary as a couple. Nini posts a video of the song on Instagram, making them Instagram-official while she invites Ricky to watch it while saying the iconic “three little words,” referring to “I love you.”

Apocalyptic Crush

“Apocalyptic Crush” is another unreleased song by the singer-songwriter. It is all about shooting your shot to a person who loved somebody else so much. Olivia jokes with her rival, promising her that she will never take her love away from her. To quote Rodrigo, “You're his apocalyptic crush. He'd like you only if there was no one left on Earth.”

Out of the Old

“Out of the Old” is another song from HSMTMTS which was performed during the Thanksgiving episode of the first season. After her friend Ashlyn motivates her to finally create a song for herself, Nina sings a song about her struggles with her feelings and pursuing her dreams. Moreover, the song tackled seeking new shores and heading into the unknown.

21st Century Girls

To top off the list, here’s another popular Instagram Original, “21st Century Girls.” According to Olivia, she poured her heart out into the song and took a deep dive into how she compared herself to other women while wishing what she thinks they have. She stated, “it’s so silly how we/i define ourselves by the most arbitrary things and idolize ppl who are humans just like us.” She ended her caption about the song by stating that one’s value shouldn’t be defined by what one sees on social media and that each and everyone are loved for who they are.

Olivia Rodrigo definitely continues to stir up success with her music. This is just the start of her journey, driving home 2 u.

Watch the “driving home 2 u” trailer here:


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