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HSM and ISNG Took Home Top Honors in the Organizations Accreditation for Q2 AY2022-23.

The Mapua University community celebrated the achievements of its student organizations during the recently concluded academic quarter. The Council of Organizations has announced the top performing student organizations from the Intramuros and Makati campuses of Mapua University.

These organizations have shown their commitment and dedication to serving the university community and making a positive impact. Join us in congratulating the efforts of all student organizations as they continue to strive for excellence and serve others.

The Honor Society of Mapua (HSM) in the Intramuros campus emerged as the top-performing organization, followed by the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IEEE) and the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE). The Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapua (AGGEM) and the Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) rounded out the top five.

Over at the Makati campus, the Information System - Next Gen (ISNG) claimed the top spot as the best-performing organization, with the Mapua Gaming Consensus (MGC) coming in second. The Webmasters Guild and the Mapua Junior Marketing Association completed the top four, with Illuminata Mapua close behind.

Renz Aguire, the current head of the Information System - Next Gen, expressed his thoughts on the recognition. He said, "Being the number one organization brings a lot of pressure, but this also serves as a motivation to always strive for excellence. We are planning to continue our development by providing new opportunities, creating new services, finding more values, and overall helping our members become the best of the best."

The recognition of these top-performing organizations is a testament to their leadership, teamwork, and dedication to their respective fields. They have made a positive impact in the Mapua community and have set a high standard for the organizations of the future.

"HSM being back at the top will motivate our officers to continuously strive and maintain our status as the premiere student organization of Mapúa", according to Xandra Gabayeron -- President of HSM. "Syempre for our tenure may kaunting pressure na we have to maintain our Accredited Status and perform well. Pero as of now, I can see naman na all of my officers are doing their best for the members and the whole community. Hindi naman dahil organization kami ng scholars and students who are excelling academically, ay we will be serving them only. We do our best to launch events that are inclusive to all, and even widen the reach of Mapúans through collaborations with organizations from different universities and I think yun yung patuloy pa namin na i-wowork on. We are working on being student leaders na hindi lang confined within the walls of Mapúa and right now, we are doing our best to make an impact as an Organization" "The organization and our alumni are thrilled with the results of the Top Performing Organizations recently posted by the Council of Organizations. I believe that all organizations, including HSM, have worked hard to serve the Mapúan Community. I am glad that the organizations are receiving the recognition they deserve, " the 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student added.

The quarterly awards given by the Council of Organizations aim to recognize the hard work and efforts of the student organizations in Mapua University. These awards are a testament to the dedication of the student leaders and members in serving the university community and making a positive impact. The recognition of the top performing organizations serves as an inspiration for others to strive for excellence in their respective endeavors. The Mapua community acknowledges the efforts of all student organizations and encourages them to continue their pursuit of excellence and service to others.


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