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INFERNO: Why Hell Is So Hot?

Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American singer who started her journey as a TikTok content creator back in 2020. What made her famous and known as “Bella Poarch” is her lip-sync duet TikTok video of Millie B’s "M to the B." Millions of people were drawn to Bella's basic yet powerful head-bobbing dance style, with many imitating it themselves. Her video gathered millions of views and likes, making it the most liked TikTok video in 2021 up until now. Bella also posted some cover songs on her TikTok account which made people, as well as her fans, fall in love with the beauty of her voice and think that she has the potential to be a great singer.

Bella Poarch released her debut single called Build a Babe on May 14, 2021. Many of her fans and other people reacted to her song positively and were amazed by the way she sang. The song definitely fits her personality. Not long after, her second song Inferno was released on August 13, 2021. The song gave a lot of people a “last-song-syndrome” vibe because of its beat and rhythm.

The song is all about Inferno where it is known to be hell. The lyrics are all about Bella being the reason why hell is so hot, along with Sub Urban’s part in the song where it is stated that Bella is like the main character in the song. She looks innocent, but really she is the villain. Sub Urban is like a side character of the song where he can feel butterflies in his stomach while he is with Bella, However, there’s actually something that is telling him to run away. At first, hearing the song will make you a bit confused about what the song really is all about and what was Bella’s inspiration when she wrote it. It was later confirmed that Bella wrote the song based on her experience of sexual assault, telling the viewers and her fans that she wished she had done whatever she did to the two men in her music video.

The music video, on the other hand, starts with Bella getting drunk, and she was being taken away in a hotel elevator by two men which shows that they have taken an interest in her. The song starts playing. For the whole music video, she is just stuck in the elevator with the two men. It is shown there that she didn’t leave the elevator so that she can torture the two with terrifying forms of torture before freezing them to death. Sub Urban’s role was the kind of character that helps Bella torture the two men because of what they were about to do. Moments later, the music video ends with a formal party at a hotel where her friends in real life can be seen mingling around.

What’s so good about the music video is the editing of the scenes, as well as the sequences, were well made. The CGIs were successfully executed, making it look like it was real. What’s also good about the music video is that it included two famous Filipino influencers who are Bretman Rock and Ivana Alawi. Ivana can be seen in the video talking to someone while Bretman interacts with Bella, congratulating her and telling her that she looks dazzling that night, right after walking out of the elevator. People thought that it was great of Bella to include her friends in her music video. Even if Ivana Alawi wasn’t there in the main set location, the editors did an amazing job with the green screen effect, making her look like she was actually in the scene itself. Overall, I would rate the music video and the song a 10/10.

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