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Korean Drama “All Of Us Are Dead” tops the global charts

Netflix's South Korean horror film "All of Us Are Dead" tops the global charts days after its release. According to Netflix's weekly non-English language TV Top 10 list for the first weeks, it has been viewed 124.79 million times since its launch on January 28, 2022, Friday.

Over one week, "All of Us Are Dead" topped 29 nations, including South Korea, France, and Germany.

It became the fourth Korean-language series to top Netflix's weekly official list for non-English TV series, following Squid Game, Hellbound, and The Silent Sea.

This was the most first-week viewing hours for any Korean picture since Netflix began providing weekly audience figures last year.

The overall number of hours logged during the first 28 weeks of last year's "Squid Game" phenomenon was 1.65 billion, even though just 63.2 million hours were logged in the first week.

Furthermore, Flixpatrol's streaming analytics business has recorded "All of Us Are Dead" as the most popular Netflix TV show since its release on Friday.

Based on the popular webcomic, 'All Of Us Are Dead,' the film is situated in a high school where a zombie outbreak frightens the students' lives.

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