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LANY's "gg bb xx" Review

“All of my life, I've been searching for something / I give everything and I end up with nothing.”

“Gg bb xx” is the fourth studio album of the American pop band LANY. The album was produced by Andrew Goldstein, John Ryan, and LANY. Five singles were released in support of the album. After their third studio album, Mama's Boy, Side Street Entertainment and Polydor Records released it on September 3, 2021.

LANY’s second album within a year is gg bb xx, and the title is only a random range of letters. "I wanted a title that had nothing to be pretended, nothing to be preconceived," a member of the band is cited. "That is what the title signifies, whatever the song feels like to you." Track by track, LANY asks us to invest in uneasy feelings and denies that its music means anything.

Their third studio album, Mama's Boy, is steeped in Southern country music with more live instrumentation and is inspired by frontman Paul Klein's background in Oklahoma. In the United States, the band could not go on tour to support the album because of the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, the band had to decide whether or not to take a hiatus or begin work on a fourth studio album.

Klein said on social media that he was working on a fourth album in December of 2020. After signing with producer Andrew Goldstein at Los Angeles' Conway Studios, the band began recording sessions. The band finished recording sessions in May and put the project on hold until the fall. To coincide with gg bb xx's announcement, the album's second single, "up to me," was unveiled on July 12th, 2021.

Since the band's formation in 2014, LANY has consistently delivered exactly what its fan base wants to hear: sincerity, accountability, and, most importantly, consistency. On the other hand, LANY stays flexible across its four studio albums and four EPs, each of which embodies and transmits a distinct subject, never deviating far from what its fans have grown to love.

LANY has no chance of losing on gg bb xx, which features 12 tracks and a runtime of approximately 38 minutes. However, because of the album's indeterminate brilliance, the album's distinctive tune remains unknown. Its well-known tracks were released on prior albums, such as "ILYSB" from LANY, "Malibu Nights" from Malibu Nights, and "if this is the last time" from Mama's Boy.

Five singles came before gg bb xx. Matty Peacock created the music video for the lead song, "dancing in the kitchen," which was released on June 25, 2021. August 19 saw the release of the song "never mind, let's break up," the band's third single. It was also announced that "roll over, baby" will be the album's fourth and final single on August 25. "ex i never had" has a music video debuting on September 2.

It took LANY a few months to finish recording the album, but in the meanwhile, the band issued two joint singles. 'i quit drinking,' a duet between the band and country pop singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini, was released on June 9, 2021, with a music video appearing on June 15 of that same year.

Finally, many tunes on gg bb xx are not substantially different, as LANY's music has practically completely transitioned over the years to electro-pop with the current trendy sounds. The melodies are pretty appealing, and the music itself is highly subtle in its auditory depth. If you were in an orchestra of synthesizers playing tunes from this week's popular TikTok activities, it would look like the soundtrack of a LANY song. This, however, is not always a terrible thing. At moments, the music is so intricately woven that you feel as if you're swimming among the noises of the fascinating creatures dubbed the youth of 2021.


  • LANY cleverly chose "dancing in the kitchen" as the album's first single as a promotional weapon. Numerous LANY synthesizers sound pretty similar to one another. Similarly, a song like "dancing in the kitchen" is identical in that it is peppy and light yet still energetic. It's on par with the rest of the album's tracks, but the message is straightforward, simplistic, and still elicits strong emotional responses.

  • The eighth track on the album benefits from both relatability of the lyrics and the song's variable tempo, which alternates between a moderate and quick tempo during the bridge and chorus. "ex I never had" Klein asserts, "has fangs."

  • The song "up to me" is, without a doubt, the most popular on this compilation. While the song's music is cheerful, the lyrics include melancholy connotations.

  • The album's last track, "one minute remaining to live" is flawless. It's challenging to listen to LANY's ballads without becoming disoriented.

  • “somewhere” conveys a strong sense of the difficulties associated with dependency and the insecurity that accompany maturing, leaving a relationship, or simply learning who you are as a person.


Occasionally, similar rumors about how their wonderful, delicate hearts are unsuited to Los Angeles circulate. They appear to have missed that the first hallmark of hollow individualism in Los Angeles is the assumption that you are the only one with feelings in the city. LANY has eschewed compelling and emotive narratives like "Malibu Nights" in favor of 12 radio jams that include only clues of Paul Klein's very personal history.

Each song has the sense of an intoxicated, thoughtless text, and a severe challenge arises only when Paul assesses his failings rather than those of others. Certain pieces, such as the single "dancing in the kitchen," are omitted entirely. An album does not have to have a distinctive sound to be acoustically appealing.

LANY reveals its voices and its unique formulation of attractive and captivating science. Even slower tunes like "live it down" feature a memorable melody or two, and each song features an endearing melody. The trio's electro-pop aesthetic allows for some variety. However, you're looking in the wrong place if you want different acoustic music featuring gg bb xx. As with previous efforts, the latest LANY album is bright, sparkly, entertaining, and perhaps a little heartfelt and insubstantial.

Rating: 9/10

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