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Left and Right by Charlie Puth ft. Jungkook takes up every corner of everyone’s mind

Where does that good song come from?

I can hear it over here, and you can hear it over there.

Charlie Puth’s new pop song featuring Jungkook of BTS, Left and right, has officially released on June 24, and it is rocking the music industry. Less than an hour after the launch, the music became an instant hit, placed number one on the worldwide iTunes chart, and gained half a million streams on Spotify. Its official music video on YouTube has almost 32 million views as of writing.

What makes it a good song?

There are countless reasons from left to right.

Well, the tune deserves to be on your good vibes and good times playlist. Listening to it creates an impression of a morning with bright sunlight and an exciting day ahead. Every beat produces unusual dance movements that are suitable to perform on the top of your bed. At first, Left and Right makes you in love, but that is not the content of the track. It is about post-relationship breakup scenarios where a person becomes stuck in their previous romance and cannot let go because of the happy and worthy memories.

Memories follow me left and right. I can feel you over here, I can feel you over here. You take up every corner of my mind.

On the other hand, the MV showcases Charlie Puth as a heartbroken consulting an old man acting as a “love therapist.” Jungkook’s verse messages about forgetting and removing the pain by drinking. However, Jungkook pops up on the MV inside a four-cornered wall and appears where Charlie is reminiscing and making memories of the previous relationship. The story of the music video depicts Charlie representing the people who haunt the memories, while Jungkook represents the other half of the relationship who was part of creating the memory lane.

Although the melody and the lyrics are contradictory, Left and Right is a gift to pop music enthusiasts and a gem to the fans of Charlie Puth and Jungkook. This song is part of Puth’s third studio album, Charlie. On the other hand, Jungkook’s collaboration for the song is part of the BTS members’ solo project after their hiatus announcement last week.

Just like Puth’s Light Switch, Left and Right is conceptualized in the singer-songwriter’s TikTok account (@charlieputh). Jungkook also has a released solo track entitled My You, which has 15M views on YouTube after two weeks of posting. Their partnership for the song resulted in a craze on all music platforms. Indeed, the piece will keep playing in your head for the nth time until you memorize it.

Do not miss to let the Left and Right take up every corner of your mind. This is a must-listen!

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