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LGUs in NCR approves vaccinating each other’s population

Benhur Abalos, chair of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), announced that the local government units (LGU) in the National Capital Region (NCR) decided to vaccinate each other's constituents last Monday, August 23.

During the palace briefing, Abalos said that the people who will get the COVID-19 vaccine would have to arrange their appointments and get a QR code from an NCR LGU to get vaccinated.

“Linawin ko lang, yung sinabi ko kahapon yung mga natapos na kasi baka mamaya magkagulo yung ibang LGUs,” Abalos said.

According to Abalos, LGUs with 80% to almost 100% coverage might deliver COVID-19 vaccination doses to people of LGUs with less than 80% coverage.

Abalos also mentioned the expansion of the vaccination campaign to surrounding provinces of NCR such as Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, and Cavite. Under the new registration process, NCR LGUs will use the same method for obtaining COVID-19 immunization.

To date, Abalos has stated that Mandaluyong and Pateros can immunize those who are living there.

Moreover, vaccination has almost been completed in San Juan City. Abalos added that, however, the San Juan City mayor had informed him that the city government intended to finish inoculating first.

Additionally, to attain herd immunity in the city, the mayor of Marikina, Mayor Marcelino Teodoro, asked LGUs to work together to implement vaccinations. Teodoro also made another comment indicating that all citizens of Marikina City have almost been vaccinated.

Teodoro indicated that the city authority in Marikina is only awaiting direction from the National Vaccination Operations Center before initiating the vaccination strategy.

Teodoro also suggested that residents of the NCR region who go to work, school, or trade frequently should also be included in the immunization campaigns being conducted by the NCR local governments.

Abalos calculated that 43.5% are the total eligible vaccine recipients in NCR. As of August 22, Sunday, 4,262,546 people had been vaccinated in NCR.

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