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The 20th CineMapúa International Student Short Film Festival premiers 50 short films, featuring the works of both Mapúan and international student filmmakers competing under four categories on March 13-18, 2023.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the filmmaking competition, CineMapúa added a new selection of category - the World Film Selection - from the previously existing categories, such as the Intercollegiate Category, All Mapúan Category, and the High School Category. The addition of this new category boosted the industry reach of the event, allowing it to cater international talents.

The event will showcase 20 short films from the World Film Section, 15 from the Intercollegiate Category, 10 from the All Mapúan Category, and five from the High School Category. This completes the 50 short film entries for the CineMapúa.

Consequently, the film screening will take place at the newly constructed Mapua Cardinal Cinema, Cervantes Hall, and MP0508 in Mapua University, Makati Campus; while it will commence on the AV1, AV3, and Seminar Room at the Intramuros Campus.

The film screening for the CineMapúa is open to the public and entails a 50-peso entrance fee per cluster film screening. Non-Mapúan entrants are required to present their ID upon entrance. All the proceeds of the event will go directly to the student filmmakers and to Mapúa's (School of Media Studies) SMS student organizations.

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