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SB19’s Pablo breaks free with his new single, La Luna

SB19's Pablo debuted as a solo artist on Friday, January 28, releasing his single "La Luna," a song about totally accepting oneself while tuning out society's unreasonable ideals.

The singer-rapper confronts his inner demons and accepts his flaws in 'La Luna,' breaking free from society's unfair and toxic expectations.

With a dramatic, layered arrangement and hard-hitting rap verses, the tune, written and produced by Pablo, demonstrates the SB19 leader's inventiveness. On Friday evening, Pablo unveiled the new tune’s official music video. As of this writing, it has received over 319,000 views on YouTube.

Pablo is shackled in the music video as his evil ego prods him into giving in. He accepts his hardships and is free to wander the world, firing warning shots at any who question him.

Watch the music video for ‘La Luna’ below.

“I always like the cinematic feeling the music scoring brings upon movie scenes,” the SB19 leader shared. “It amplifies the emotion that is currently being portrayed. I decided to incorporate that in my music. I want it to be grand and full to bring out the intensity of the song’s emotion.”

He explained that releasing "La Luna" is a method for tackling his struggles.

“Its focus is mostly about myself, my feelings, my beliefs, how I view the world and how it affects me,” he said.

Pablo stated of the song's message of self-love, “We all have flaws, and we need to accept those imperfections because those are what make us who we are.”

“To be mentally healthy, we need to come to terms with ourselves, that what we feel is valid. We shouldn’t suppress it just so we can please everyone and avoid confrontation. There will always be black in white and white in black. We should maintain balance within us. That’s how we remain sane and alive,” he added.

Pablo's solo debut may be his first, but he'd already established himself as a songwriter to be reckoned with after writing all six tunes on SB19's 2021 EP Pagsibol. In June 2021, he was awarded the grand winner of the Djooky Music Awards for the song "Determinado," which he co-wrote with Josue.

'La Luna' is now available on all streaming platforms.

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