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The Weeknd releases the “Out of Time” music video featuring Hoyeon Jung and Jim Carrey

Missed Hoyeon Jung of the hit series “Squid Game?” If yes, then you just read this news out of time.

“Squid Game” star, model, and actress Hoyeon Jung and actor-comedian, Jim Carrey took part in the recently released music video “Out of Time” by The Weeknd.

In the music video released last April 5, 2022 on the official YouTube channel of The Weeknd, the award-winning model Hoyeon and The Weeknd exchanged glances in an elevator. More fun was seen as they were seen singing inside a karaoke bar and later on were caught running elsewhere while carrying the microphones and the karaoke speaker.

Suspense music vibes were also seen as blood scenes were flashed in the video. This is the time when the award-winning comedian Carrey entered the scene while inside the operating room.

The video ended with Carrey saying, “Don’t you dare touch that dial because, as the song says, you are out of time. You’re almost there but don’t panic." This was later followed by citing “Dawn FM,” the latest album, released last January by The Weeknd’s which “Out of Time” is a part.

The video as of April 6, already reached 4.9 million views with 460, 000 positive reactions on YouTube.

Watch the music video here:

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