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#TheValentinaReveal: Janella Salvador is Darna's new Valentina

The long wait has come to an end. Darna has finally found her enemy.

In the upcoming "Mars Ravelo's Darna: The TV Series," Janella Salvador will be playing the Filipino supervillain, Valentina, alongside Jane de Leon.

#TheValentinaReveal, which streamed live on ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel and Facebook page on Friday (Nov. 19), introduced Janella Salvador as the lawyer-vlogger Regina/Valentina. She is cursed with venomous snakes for hair and will become the mortal enemy of Pinoy superheroine Darna played by Jane De Leon.

Director Chito S. Roño chose Janella out of a pool of actresses who auditioned for the role.

“First of all, I am very, very honored to be chosen among the many actresses who auditioned for this role. I am sure they are equally as amazing, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chito Roño and ABS-CBN for giving me the opportunity to portray this iconic role,” Janella Salvador said in the “Valentina” announcement video.

“I promise to live up to everyone’s expectations but also make it my own,” She added.

Valentina, according to the actress, is an empowered woman in the series.

“I like her because she’s smart, she’s an intellectual. Kaya na-in love ako sa role na ito because she actually does have a good heart, hindi lang nagagamit sa tamang paraan. So abangan niyo na lang kung paano ‘yon,” Janella also shared in the video.

“Siguro aabangan niyo, mapapamahal din kayo kay Valentina. Hindi niyo ini-expect pero mapapamahal kayo sa kanya. Like I said, she has a good heart. Tama ‘yung pinaglalaban niya sa buhay. Pero syempre, may pitik din tayo minsan. So abangan niyo ‘yon,” She added.

Salvador's presence in the highly anticipated ABS-CBN adaption marks her biggest television comeback in a year.

She was most recently seen in the hit series "The Killer Bride," which cleared the path for her to be crowned Princess of Philippines Television at the 2020 Box Office Entertainment Awards.

This 23-year-old actress took a break from the spotlight to give birth to Jude, her first child with partner Markus Paterson. She gave birth in the United Kingdom in October of last year. Only in February of this year did the couple return to the Philippines with their kid.

"Mars Ravelo's Darna: The TV Series" is the next chapter of ABS-long-awaited CBN's adaptation of Darna. Fifteen different actresses have represented this lasting pop culture phenomenon since her big-screen debut in 1951.

Valentina Live Reveal | November 19, 2021:


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