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Top 10 Filipino Snacks You Need to Try

Pinoys are notoriously snack-obsessed, and there's always room for merienda throughout the day. Merienda in Spain refers to a "light meal." However, in the Philippines, it refers to any snack eaten in between meals.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Filipino snacks, ranging from street food to mid-morning bites, that I know you'll love!

1. Turon

Turon (sweet, crunchy, and filling) is a favorite Filipino food. In a flour lumpia wrapper, ripe saba bananas, jackfruit, and brown sugar are wrapped together and cooked to a golden crisp. Imagine: a local, sweet saba banana and jackfruit slices nestled inside a flour wrapper, then coated with brown sugar and deep fried to perfection. Are you having a craving yet?

2. Taho

Taho is known for being the breakfast food of Filipinos, but it can also be enjoyed any time of the day. It is a three-ingredient street snack made with soft tofu, arnibal (simple syrup), and sago (tapioca balls). It's normally served at room temperature or heated. You can also serve the tofu cooled for a refreshing treat.

3. Sweet Corn

With this Filipino favorite snack, the simple corn is given a delectable makeover. Consider extremely sweet corn on the cob that has been seasoned with butter and salt before boiling or grilling. It can also be shredded and dusted with cheese powder before serving. It's as delicious as it sounds!

4. Tusok-tusok

The Tagalog term for poke is tusok. Deep-fried street meals, which are consumed by “poking” or inserting a pointed skewer through the chunks and then dipping it into your favourite sauce, fall into this category. Fish balls, squid balls, and tempura are just a few of the tusok-tusok (skewered) street delicacies available in the Philippines.

5. Halo-Halo

This national dessert favorite includes a little bit of everything, living true to its name, which means "mix-mix" in Filipino. Shaved ice, ube halaya, leche flan, nata de coco, sweet beans, and other intensely flavored and textured ingredients make up a traditional halo-halo. It has a creamy, sweet, and custardy texture. It mostly tastes like caramel and vanilla, but it's delicious. The red and white beans that had been sweetened are delicious.

6. Sorbetes

The sorbetero is a cultural icon in the Philippines, probably because we have good memories of hearing him ring his bell in the afternoon. Filipino parents are mostly responsible for sorbetes' unique moniker of "dirty ice cream." The word was coined to dissuade parents' children from asking for money to buy ice cream scoops from sellers who didn't wear gloves. In reality, sorbetes is far from filthy. Because of the old, rickety carts they use to sell their wares, they've acquired the moniker. Ube, chocolate and cheese are the most popular flavors. However, more diverse flavors such as cookies and cream and avocado are now available.

7. Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton is a quick and delicious dish with garlic, onion, and chicken flavor packed into each packet! Spices and calamansi flavor have been added for a spicy citrus flavor. I'm very fortunate! For many years, instant Pancit Canton has been a beloved Filipino food. Depending on your appetite, these stir-fried noodles can be a full dinner or a quick snack. One thing is certain: it's the perfect accompaniment to warm toast, eggs, and calamansi drizzle.

8. Buko Pandan

Young coconut, pandan leaves (or screwpine leaves), and sago pearls are used to make Buko Pandan, a favorite Filipino dessert. This creamy, delicious nibble is frequently offered as a dessert. It's created with condensed and evaporated milk, tropical palm fruits, gulaman cubes, sago pearls, and shredded young coconut.

9. Ihaw-ihaw

Ihaw, which translates to "grilled" in Filipino, is one of the must-try street delicacies. Isaw (chicken or hog intestine), betamax (chicken blood), and adidas are some of the most popular ihaw-ihaw snacks (chicken feet). We guarantee they taste much better than they sound!

10. Chicharon

Chicharon is a Filipino snack food made from dry pork rind that is deep-fried till it puffs up. Chicharon is a Filipino food that is both delicious and deadly. These delectable pig cracklings are a national favorite, ideally served with a bottle of soda and dipped in vinegar.

These top 10 Filipino Snacks are what our country is known for. Some people don’t want to try these out because of how it looks; they judge that it’ll taste bad. But one cannot deny the fact that these Filipino snacks are delicious, and people from other countries would usually rate these with 10/10 or even beyond that.


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