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Top 10 Filipino Songs of All Time

"Where words fail, music speaks."

Music is considered a universal language. Wherever we go, and whenever we hear a song played, we can see how people react. Some do chants. Some do hum. Some do even sing. Music is indeed a masterpiece that unites the world. See how your favorite bands such as One Direction, BTS, Twice, and even some individual artists like IU, Michael Jackson, and more musical artists give us a hard time to get over with their musical masterpieces. Some do even have a fans club from different parts of the world, thus, uniting every person just by the message of the music.

In celebration of the "Buwan ng Wika," I would like to feature the Top 10 most memorable music masterpieces that catch the heart of every Filipino and the world.

1. Ang Huling El Bimbo - Eraserheads

“Kamukha mo si Paraluman ...”

This song has never died since it was first released in 1995. It is one of the most multi-awarded musical masterpieces, both local and international. Ang Huling El Bimbo was composed by Ely Buendia of the famous Pinoy Pop Group, Eraser Heads. In 2019, a musical show of the same name was played featuring the iconic Pinoy Rock Band. If you have ever heard this music, for sure, you have been singing this song up to this time.

2. Tuloy Pa Rin - Neocolours

Tuloy Pa Rin is one of the most outstanding musical masterpieces that we have heard since it was first released in the 90s. This was sung by the famous pop band Neocolours. Tuloy Pa Rin is the second music of Neocolours. However, this already made an impact and was even one of the legendary music we hear until today. Whenever we face a problem, life still must continue.

So whatever the challenges that you are experiencing today, listen to this song. Coz tuloy pa rin ang awit ng ating buhay.

3. Batang-Bata Ka Pa - Apo Hiking Society

Ever since we were in pre-school and even during our high school days, Batang-bata ka pa by Apo Hiking Society is one of the most memorable music played by our teachers. I can still remember the time when our teacher in Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao 7 asked us to perform a musical play of Batang-bata ka pa. The message of the song has something to do with the youth. As youths, we still have many things to learn, and we should be careful with our decision.

The music may sound boring, especially for the new generations. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the impact of the musical lyrics has something to do with us. As youth, we are not free because we are governed by limitations.

4. I'll Never Go - Erik Santos

I’ll Never Go is one of the musical masterpieces that stole the hearts of many music lovers in the Philippines and abroad. This has been the musical theme song of many movies and Filipino dramas since it was first released in 2005. The music even topped several musical platforms in the Philippines. The popularity of this music caused some artists to perform their version of this song.

5. Kung 'Di Rin Lang Ikaw - December Avenue ft. Moira dela Torre

If you are heartbroken, for sure, you will relate to this music.

In 2018, December Avenue, in collaboration with Moira dela Torre, released Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw which greatly caught the attention of many OPM fans. The song was heartbreaking, thanks also to the official music video, which justified the song's message. It was also the most popular track in 2019, topping I Belong to the Zoo's Sana. Moreover, the music was also played in Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo's movie, "Hello, Love, Goodbye.”

6. Tala - Sarah Geronimo

In 2015, Sarah Geronimo's Tala was first released to the public. However, it was in 2019 when Tala became viral after making an immediate impact in the world of OPM. Wherever you go, you will always hear people chanting and dancing to pop music, especially during occasions. You can see the kids doing some acrobatic dances of the musical masterpiece. The music was indeed influential, gaining awards locally and internationally.

However, pop music has made a more significant impact because of its message to the people. The music gave a sense of freedom that everyone who hears can dance to the sound of music. Did you also dance after hearing Tala in your community? I guess so.

7. Your Song - Parokya ni Edgar

I take one step away ...

Your musical playlist will never be complete without hearing Parokya ni Edgar's Your Song. It is one of the most sentimental music I have listened to in my favorite barbershop and even on an FM radio station. The song depicts a message that even though a person takes one step away, they will return back to that person. Although this song is a musical bonus for their original album, it still became a grand hit during the 90s and up to the present.

8. Ako Na Lang - Philippine Stagers Foundation

Now that we are celebrating our very own Buwan ng Wika, I would like to take this opportunity to feature this musical masterpiece by the Philippine Stagers Foundation entitled Ako na lang. This song was played in the famous musical play Obra ni Juan which talked about the life and work of the famous world-class Filipino painter, Juan Luna. Ako na lang depicts the message of Juan Luna showing two personalities, and those personalities were both in love with Juan Luna's spouse. It became a grand slam hit.

If you were able to hear this music in the theater play, maybe you will get emotional after going out of the theater hall singing its chorus, Ako na Lang.

9. Huling Sayaw - Kamikazee

When I was still in my grade school days, I used to sing it every single day. Well, I have been greatly influenced by this song that I always wanted to repeat, playing it every time I was alone.

Huling Sayaw is one of the musical masterpieces of Kamikazee in collaboration with Kyla. This song was always played during prom nights as a concluding dance song. Moreover, if you are going to look into the song's message, it means that love has limitations, after all. The music has topped on several platforms and even brought multiple awards. All thanks to the fans who supported the musical masterpiece.

10. Paalam - Moira dela Torre

Did you ever say goodbye to your loved one?

How does it feel?

Paalam is one of the trilogy songs of Moira dela Torre, along with Paalam, Patawad and Patawad. Paalam is a collaboration with the famous folk-pop music group Ben&Ben. Known for her emotional musical masterpieces, Moira once again took the heart of every OPM fan after releasing the song. According to Moira, this song was written many years ago before it was completed. The music is indeed a masterpiece. If you are going to hear this song, you will suddenly feel how hard it is for your love once to say the word Paalam.

Music is wonderful.

Music is indeed powerful.

Music unites.

Whenever we hear the sound of music, it feels like we are affected by its message. Some even get emotional. And so we do. This is very evident every time we hear, of course, our favorite Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Who would greatly be affected if you hear the music sung in our very own Filipino language? Of course, we, the Filipinos. Well, some of the OPM hits were also played from different parts of the world, and it even gets attention from all around the world. The same goes with your favorite K-Pop music.

“Like mo kahit di mo gets.”

I want to use this quote from a friend who even tried to write an article on how K-Pop music catches the attention of every Filipino and the world even though they do not know the Korean Language. That is how music empowers the world. That is how music unites.

As a Filipino who is a Top Fan of OPM music, I would like to say to every Filipino how beautiful our music is. If there is something that

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