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Top 10 OPM Songs to Listen to While on a Road Trip

Road trips appear to be in order this time of the year. I’ve compiled a list of road trip tunes from the Philippines for your next long drive. So gather your belongings, fill up your gas tank, and sing out these songs.

Overdrive - Eraserheads

Magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio Magda-drive ako hanggang Bicol Magda-drive ako hanggang Batangas Tapos magswi-swimming d'on sa beach…

What better way to start this list than with a song by the finest band to emerge from these islands? The Eraserheads' allure was their pulse on what made Filipinos tick. In this track, they opted to talk about the romantic side of travel, with the gentleman in the song wishing he could drive his automobile everywhere and everywhere. It all comes to a melancholy conclusion when we discover that the man who planned all of this trip doesn't have the money to reach his chosen destinations. As a result, the Eraserheads' status as "The Beatles of the Philippines" is solidified, as the surprising twist echoes the Fab Four's smash "Drive My Car."

Habang Buhay - Zack Tabudlo

Aking sinta, ano bang meron sa iyo?...

Zack Tabudlo, the writer, producer, mixer, and master, expresses confidence in the promises of unconditional romance by allowing himself to revel in the golden feeling of being carried away by love while looking forward to many adoring years with that particular someone.

In a statement, Zack Tabudlo states, Habang Buhay has its own life with the happiness of the music alone. "This is different for me because I've never created a song with such a pleasant and uplifting meaning before."

Pagtingin - Ben&Ben

Dami pang gustong sabihin ngunit wag na lang muna…

"Pagtingin" is a laid-back, soul-infused folk-pop song about the unpredictability of bearing one's love for someone else. It opens a familiar experience that most of us go through but rarely talk about through steady rhythms, gospel-style harmonies, and fun violin, piano, and electric guitar lines.

Bawat Daan - Ebe Dancel

Bawat kanan at kaliwa Kung timog man o hilaga Ang bawat daan ko Ay patungo, ay pabalik sa yo…

What type of girl wouldn't swoon if she knew she was the guy's only true destination, that every turn he takes in his life leads to her, and if Ebe Dancel himself was singing those words? We're guessing she's a heartless lass.

Diwata - Chito Miranda feat. Abra

Walang hiling na kapalit, Gusto lang kitang mahalin…

I'm aware of Parokya ni Edgar's "Swimming Beach." It's on the playlist, so don't worry. But I bet you didn't understand that this collaboration with Abra is ideal for your next outdoor vacation. It has a feel-good aura that will always remind you of the trees, the mountains, and that special someone holding your hand beside you.

Lutang - jikamarie

Gusto ko lang namang magpa lutang lutang, nagpatangay sa banayad na ihip ng hangin…

When jikamarie's first single, "lutang," was released two months ago, it was well-received. Since then, it has gotten consistent attention as a growing fanbase that streamed the song over five million times on Spotify and Youtube, with the latter adding it to Spotify-curated playlists. "I think that's one of the reasons why people like it so much—they can relate to it so well." "I've had a lot of comments expressing that I've voiced out their sentiments that they couldn't put into words," jikamarie said, "which makes me half glad and half sad knowing so many young people like me share my unhappiness."

Mundo - IV of Spades

Aking sinta, Ikaw na ang tahanan at mundo…

With the release of their single 'Mundo,' IV of Spades became an OPM juggernaut in 2018. It was a certified hit, with words that would make a hopeless romantic blush, mixed with Unique Salonga's singing.

Pagsamo - Arthur Nery

Kung bibitaw nang mahinahon ako ba'y lulubayan ng ating

Mga kahapon na 'di na kayang ayusin ng lambing

Pagsamo is a calm and laid-back track that showcases Nery's seamless fusion of easy-listening jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, and lyrical romanticism. The lyrics are about his wishful thinking about his dream girl and thoughts of letting go, and they're perfect for a road trip and daydreaming about being in a music video while looking out the window.

Pwede ba - Lola Amour

Pwede ba huwag na muna nating pag-usapan?...

“Pwede Ba” by Lola Amour talks about a dying relationship while being notably upbeat.

It's not because the song is overtly satirical. It's also not an anthem of empowerment. The nearly six-minute piece offers a storyline where he freely admits that he will split up with someone, sung from the perspective of a man on the verge of dissolving romantic ties. He accepts it, but with one condition: "pwede ba huwag muna?" (Can we please refrain from doing so right now?)." "Now," on the other hand, is the moment for brass, funky music, and slightly humorous, non-lexical group singing—all of the components that flavor this track.

Spoliarium - Eraserheads

Dumilim ang paligid…

This statement has remained with many Filipinos, not just because it's the first line of the legendary Eraserheads song "Spoliarium," but also because meme culture has transformed it into a sort of inside joke.

Buendia wrote "Spoliarium," released in 1997 as part of the "Sticker Happy" album. The song's meaning is "becoming pissed drunk," and it's an excellent choice for a road trip.

This Top Picks list will get you started if you're wondering what to listen to on your next road trip. Have fun!


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