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Truth and Justice Only by Law: A Review of Netflix’s Law School (Part 1)

They say that no one is above the law. How about those who know and use the law for their benefit?

Last April 14, 2021, JTBC, in collaboration with Netflix, released a legal and mystery Korean drama, which quickly caught the attention of many K-Drama lovers, particularly the law enthusiasts, Law School. The 16-episode legal drama is seasoned with familiar veteran actors and actresses.

Kim Myung Min aka Yangcrates

Kim Myung Min, known for his leading roles in Beethoven Virus (2008), Six Flying Dragons (2015-2016), and many more, portrayed the role of a prosecutor-turned professor, Yang Jong Hoon, aka Yangcrates. Known for his Socratic teaching method, Yangcrates displayed an intimidating charisma, thus being dubbed as a terror.

Kim Bum, aka Han Joon Hwi

On the other hand, another seasoned actor who is very well known for portraying So Yi-Jung in Boys Over Flowers, Kim Bum, played Han Joon Hwi. Joon Hwi is a charismatic, innovative, and intelligent law school freshman who believes that justice must be served fairly. He is the lone second-round judicial exam passer among his batch.

Moreover, Ryu Hye-young, from the award-winning drama Reply 1988, played the role of Kang Sol-A. Kang Sol-A is a freshman law student admitted via special admission case for the poor. She is a woman of grit and passion and was determined to make the law pay for what it had done for her. She was also the twin sister of Kang Dan, aka Erica Shin, a law expert at Harvard University, which Hye-young also portrayed.

Lastly, who would never forget the award-winning actress Lee Jung-Eun from the famous international film Parasite? Lee Jung-Eun, a housekeeper in the award-winning movie, saw action in Law School playing Kim Eun-Sook, a judge-turned professor, teaching Civil Law. She is a justice woman and was considered the “mastermind” in bringing down Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su, portrayed by Jung Won-Joong.

(From left to right) Lee Soo-kyung as Kang Sol-B, Lee David as Seo Ji-ho, Go Yoon-jung as Jeon Ye-seul, and Hyun Woo as Yoo Seung-jae

Other members of the cast who are part of the study group founded by Joon Hwi are Lee Soo-kyung as Kang Sol-B, Lee David as Seo Ji-ho, Go Yoon-jung as Jeon Ye-seul, and Hyun Woo as Yoo Seung-jae. These four have different stories which were shown in the drama. Kang Sol-B is your typical academic model student, but her mom constantly pressured her to get high grades. Seo Ji-ho is the son of a toy store CEO who seeks revenge in the prosecution after his father committed suicide due to false accusations. Jeon Ye-Seul is a victim of sexual abuse by his boyfriend, who was put into court after being accused of pushing in an attempt to delete the recorded sex video. Yoo Seung-jae is a medical student turned law student and was involved in a hacking and integrity case.

(Left to Right) Lee Kang-ji as Min Bok-gi, and Kim Min-seok as Jo Ye-beom

Completing the group is Lee Kang-ji as Min Bok-gi and Kim Min-seok as Jo Ye-beom. The group played a vital role in resolving murder, corruption, sexual abuse, and fake news. Each member has different storylines, which were in the drama.


Many of us already wanted to return to our schools or universities. We may have missed the days wherein we bond with our friends, study with them, and do school work. We may have also experience going to school unprepared. Maybe, there are times when we were caught off guard during a recitation. These memories reminisce upon watching Law School.

As a university student, I would say that many students will relate to Law School. Even though I am studying in an Engineering School, I would say that I have encountered all the situations starting from the professors and the different types of students that we have met. Many students will relate to Kang Sol-A just like me. There are times when I cannot answer a recitation because I am unprepared. Sometimes, I am your typical sabaw or lutang na friend who needs more sleep after long hours of travel from our home to school. However, even though there are instances of failing, we never give up. We are persevered to rise from our failures and show the world what we’ve got. All thanks to our gritty attitude like Kang Sol-A.

Some will also relate to Kang Sol-B experiencing pressure from their parents. Some may have encountered a calm and intelligent kid like Han Joon Hwi. Moreover, some students have the same personalities and traits, like Seo Ji-Ho, Jeon Ye-Seul, Yoo Seung-jae, Min Bok-gi, and Jo Ye-beom.


If you are a K-Drama lover and you happen to watch Law School, beware. Every episode of Law School will always leave a cliffhanger that will make you think of what will happen next in the episode. You may not also be aware that you are already finishing the drama in just one seat. You can complete this drama in 16 hours. So, if you happen to watch this, make sure to get some popcorn and drink plenty of water. Keep hydrated.

That’s all for today’s cliffhanger. Stay tuned for more updates as I give my overall feedback in Part 2 of my review in this Netflix Original Series’ Law School.

Stay safe and kamsahamnida!


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