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What If Episode 6

Our What If...? Episode 6 review contains spoilers for what happens if Killmonger saves Tony Stark's life.

The narrative moves quickly, and you don't even get a chance to catch your breath before some of your favorite heroes meet untimely deaths. While it is significant that the story is fast-paced, and given the time constraints, it has to be an opportunity to say goodbye, even if only for a few moments, it would have been good. Instead, the authors rush to the end, which, by the way, jeopardizes the show's fascinating murder mystery element. Not only is the ending obvious, but the Killmonger storyline is eerily similar to that of the Black Panther film.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


When Tony Stark (Mick Wingert) is attacked in Afghanistan, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) comes to his aid. Stark never meets Ho Yinsen and is unaware of the effects of the Stark Industry's weapons. As a result, the world does not get Iron Man. "Though the man was saved, a hero was lost, and a villain was given a new chance," The Watcher says. When Killmonger reveals that Stane plotted the attack, Tony fires Obadiah Stane (Kiff Vandenheuvel) and appoints Erik as his company's COO. Killmonger's kindness to Tony makes Pepper Potts (Beth Hoyt) concerned.

Killmonger informs Tony that he plans to create an autonomous combat drone that will make human soldiers obsolete. They start working on the drone, which requires vibranium. Stark dispatches Rhodey (Don Cheadle) to retrieve vibranium from Ulysses (Andy Serkis), but they are attacked by T'Challa, the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman). Killmonger murders both T'Challa and Rhodey, revealing that he is not a good person. Killmonger assassinates Tony after he discovers the truth. He claims Wakandans attacked Stark, but Pepper believes Killmonger murdered him.

Killmonger is shown manipulating Americans and Wakandans to become the Black Panther and conquer Wakanda. When he comes to Wakanda, he earns T'Chaka's (John Kani's) trust by presenting him with a dead Ulyssess, accusing him of T'Challa's murder. The Americans, led by Thaddeus Ross, attack Wakanda in retaliation for Stark's death, but Killmonger shows an efficient Wakandan defense. Shuri (Ozioma Akagha) is wary of her cousin, as is Pepper.

So, will Killmonger become Black Panther in another universe? Will anyone ever learn what he did? In today's episode, some of the questions are addressed.


The twist of Killmonger saving Tony Stark is enough to distinguish today's episode. Matthew Chauncey has created a fascinating narrative with unexpected twists. Killmonger proved me incorrect just when I thought he was kind, at least in one universe. Michael B. Jordan does an excellent job as the bad boy. The episode concludes on a high note, with several cliffhangers.

Tony Stark fans will be upset by this episode because he does not become Iron Man and dies yet again. This is the fourth time Stark has been killed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mick Wingert was the actor who played Stark in the What If...? series. Mick did an excellent job, sounding surprisingly similar to Robert Downey Jr.

Chadwick Boseman will always be our T'Challa/Black Panther, and he has some of the best lines in the episode. Following a double dose of horror, Marvel rewarded us with great action sequences. The animation is good, and the music in the background complements the episode's deceptive tone.


What if...? Episode 6 brings together two random characters, shifting the nature of their destiny while also paying homage to Black Panther in an incredible way. With only three episodes remaining and the mid-season trailer hinting at characters from prior episodes meeting up, I'm hoping the rest of the first season contains stories as inventive and dramatic as this one.

Rating: 7.5/10


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