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WHO starts clinical trials on 8 vaccine nasal sprays for Covid-19

The World Health Organization reports the potential of 8 nasal spray vaccines against the coronavirus to “shut the door” of the virus before entering the body.

Phase 2 trials of China’s Xiamen University, University of Hongkong, and Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy have finished. On the other hand, AuraVax Therapeutics of Huston will partner with the Food and Drug Administration to start its human study by May 2022.

The ongoing tests for the nasal spray vaccines aim to trigger immunoglobulin, an antibody that blocks infection. The University of Huston’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering adds that mucosal immunity, which is the immunity of the nasal tissues, is possible in this type of vaccine.

The research of Scientific American sees the process as sterilizing immunity, which prevents the COVID-19 positive, pass the virus. Moreover, there will be a decrease in severe cases since the nasal spray will prevent the virus from infecting the lungs.

According to researcher Nathalie Mielcarel, stimulating immunity in the nose also immediately reduces the risks of infecting others.

Compared to injected vaccines, intranasal vaccines do not require refrigeration and can be self-administered. They work like the existing nasal sprays for allergic rhinitis, colds, and dry nose that do not need the presence of health professionals.

The recent study for the nasal spray vaccine conducted by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research uses mice as samples. The results show that all the vaccinated mice through spray survived the COVID-19 infection while all the unvaccinated died.

According to Isabelle Dimier-Poisson, the researcher who led the study, hopes that this new vaccine application method is the way to bring back life before the pandemic where there are no social distancing and face masks.

However, there are still no updates on when vaccine nasal sprays will be made available to the public.

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