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Ylona Garcia performs at the VALORANT APAC Challengers Stage 1 Playoff

The VCT 2022 is Riot Games’ second official competition circuit for VALORANT. The challenger's stage of this year’s VCT began with eligible teams competing against others in their region. Riot has a special treat in store for its fans on Sunday at the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) APAC Challengers Finals. Riot revealed before the finals that Filipino-Australian singer Ylona Garcia will give an exclusive performance on the last day of the competition. Ylona Garcia built a name for herself in the VALORANT community as the singer-songwriter of “Entertain Me” which was used as the theme song for the game’s most recent agent, Neon.

Ylona Garcia stated in an interview that it was an incredible honor for her that Riot Games used her song “Entertain Me”. She continued by saying that it means so much to her that she got the chance to be one of the highlights of Filipino Culture and since the fans love the song she added that it made her more excited about performing at VCT. She ended her interview by saying that she’s truly grateful to the fans for not only loving the song but also loving her as an artist.

Watch the performance here:

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