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Here are some BLACKPINK songs that will make you feel like you’re in their area

BLACKPINK is a Kpop girl group whose music has captured the attention of a global audience, breaking records. BLACKPINK, a four-woman girl group that emerged in 2016, is a multilingual performance powerhouse that connects with fans worldwide. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa may have only recently begun touring internationally, but they already have a large fan following that extends far beyond South Korea, fueling their quick rise. These four stunning artists are taking the globe by storm and have the potential to become one of the best Kpop groups of our generation. The following is a list of their best songs that you must listen to. Continue reading to learn more about this incredible K-pop girl group.


BLACKPINK’s most-streamed single is “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” It has 200 million Spotify streams and will shortly pass one billion on YouTube. Teddy Park wrote this song on their EP “Square Up.” The music video was an instant success, receiving tremendous traffic within a few hours of being uploaded. It is currently the most-watched music video by a K-pop girl group on YouTube. It is one of the best K-pop songs ever written.

Kill This Love

This inspirational new song by BLACKPINK is about leaving a bad relationship and is quickly climbing the charts. The music is more powerful and heavier than “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” but it’s just as catchy. It peaked at #2 on South Korea’s Gaon Chart and #33 in the United Kingdom. Billboard Hot 100, and #41 on the Singles Chart. This song has a powerful electro-pop sound, paired with forceful break-up lyrics, displaying their power and swagger. It’s no surprise that this song became a commercial success. “Kill This Love” is the lead song from their next album of the same name, which was released in 2019. Teddy Park and Rebecca Johnson, an American singer-songwriter, wrote the song. The girl was also the first Kpop artist to perform at Coachella this year. This was a very momentous event and all of the “Blinks” were extremely pleased with their accomplishment.


When BLACKPINK first appeared, we all knew they weren't going to be your average girl group. We could tell right away that they were going to be a hit in the industry. They were introduced as having a lot of girl power and a lot of charisma. They were on their way to becoming singing and fashion icons. They are currently the highest-charting female Korean act on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200. One of BP's earliest tracks was "Boombayah." Unlike most K-pop songs which are girly, charming, and bubbly, they made their debut with intense booming beats that were both powerful and sensual, perfectly matching their image. Their music video has reached a milestone on YouTube after receiving a considerable number of views in a short period. They will almost certainly continue to be successful in the future.

Don’t Know What to Do

This is a break-up ballad with melancholy lyrics that try to be hidden beneath a catchy beat. "Don't Know What to Do" comes from the album "Kill This Love," and it is one of BP's most lovely tracks. This song conveys a message of loneliness and is about someone who decided to leave a relationship but now regrets it. The concept of heartbreak dominates the album. This is a fantastic song with fantastic voices. When I hear this song, I always get emotional because of their incredible singing. While we're used to seeing them as vital, we can see in this song that they can also be injured and delicate at times.

As If It’s Your Last

What distinguishes "As If It's Your Last" from other BP songs? It's their brightest, happiest, and most uplifting tune. It shows the "pink" aspect of BLACKPINK, while most of their songs show the "black" side. This third song in their "Square" series, combines house, reggae, and moombahton.


The catchy whistling in "Whistle" from their double A-side single "Square One" gets stuck in your mind. They made their debut with this song, along with Boombayah. The song is a mix of minimalist hip-hop and guitar-driven pop. This tune, like a whistle, draws our attention. This music inspires you to dance and snap your fingers to the beat. Not to mention Lisa's impressive rapping abilities, which she showcases for the first time in this song. Her pace is so quick that it's challenging to keep up! She's brimming with swag, and we dig it.

Playing with Fire

"Playing with Fire" is another memorable song from BLACKPINK’s early career. It was released as the title track for their second single, "Square Two," and it's a nice track to listen to when you need to unwind. The song, described as "tropical house," features a lively beat with a slower speed than their other songs. The song topped the Billboard World Digital Songs chart each week, indicating that it has gained popularity in the United States.

Kiss and Make Up (with Dua Lipa)

Even the world's biggest music stars admire BLACKPINK. This combination with British singer Dua Lipa's "New Rules" is incredible. "Kiss and Make-up" was written by Dua Lipa and Teddy Park, who wrote most of BP's tracks. The song is on her "Dua Lipa: Complete Edition" album, which was released in 2018. The official audio currently has over 110 million views on YouTube, and 225 million listens on Spotify. Unfortunately, there is no music video for this song. "Kiss and Make-Up" is still a great tune. It is gold-certified in Australia.


"Stay" is a soothing, refreshing, and peaceful tune with melodies built on guitar and harmonica. It is a folk-pop tune that appears on their "Square Two" single. This fantastic tune is an example of one of their "pink" themes, as it displays the pleasant and sweet side of the foursome. It's also an A-side of "Playing With Fire." Since they were only a rookie group when this song was released, it demonstrated how creative and resilient Blackpink is.

Forever Young

This song is from the "Square Up" EP, and has a Japanese version on their debut Japanese studio album, BLACKPINK in Your Area. Blackpink slays the dance floor on this tune. The dance in the music video is excellent and nicely complements the tempo. As powerful as their dance moves are, the song's message is much more so. The song is about having the ability to choose your path. It's about living your life the way you want to live it while you're young. It's about not having any regrets in life.

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