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Stranger Things producers lay plans for the fifth season

It is not strange to expect another season of the American sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things, after the recent ending of its season four, released last July 1. The drama producers, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, confirmed that season 5 is already planned and about to be written in the first week of August.

The Duffer brothers hinted that the next season could come together as one unit with the fourth season due to the six months break brought by the pandemic.

Although the anticipated next season is the final season, they explained that it would be shorter than the current season. The creators said that the struggles and mysteries that the characters faced in the recent season made the episodes last up to 2.5 hours. These will not be repeated on season 5, leading to possible shorter episode durations.

There are no official announcements as of its final season’s release date. However, one of Stranger Things cast, David Harbour, mentioned that the production is not likely to begin next year, hinting that it can be in 2024.

Stranger Things premiered its first season last 2016, followed by the second season after 15.5 months. After another 20 months, the season 3 hit the streaming platforms, and the season 4 went out this year. The fans kept on anticipating season five, especially, since they are not yet recovered after the 9th episode of season 4.


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